FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with the fish in the winter?
Some people bring in their fish in the winter, but if you keep the falls running as we do, using a floating stock tank heater for times when the air temperature goes below 0º, the fish will go into ‘suspended animation’ and look lovely gently swaying under the ice. If however, the home owner chooses to turn off the pump and bring it in the house for winter storage, then a water aerator is recommended for guaranteeing the survival of the fish.

What is the secret to a beautiful, clean, water garden?
First and foremost, we endeavor to imitate nature as closely as possible. We use only the most tested and true materials available today. Because we stand behind every aspect of our work, we can’t afford to build with products that could prove unreliable.

What do you mean by “Natural Landscaping”?
Believing that your home or business should comfortably fit into its natural surroundings, we design our work to harmonize visually with the beauty that this part of the world naturally provides: lakes, forests, wildflowers, etc. We recommend primarily native plants and sculpture materials.

Do I have to drain my pond or water garden in the winter?
Because of the way we design/build our systems, it is not necessary to do this. We make it possible for even your fish to ‘winter over’ with no harm. You may also find the waterfalls to be a wonderful new addition to your winter landscape. There are a few varieties of sensitive plantings that you may wish to remaove and reinstall next spring. These should become houseplants for the winter.

Is it costly to continuously power the pump?
With the new technology that WoodSpirit™ uses in all our installations, the power usage is surprisingly low. The average system uses only about $20 to $25 of electricity per month. The safety factors built into each system assures a safe environment for you and your pets/wildlife.

What is your landscape design and installation procedure?
Every garden should reflect the unique personality of the owners and be complementary to its setting. We make an appointment to spend an hour or so to get to know you and talk about the broad concepts you wish to achieve or incorporate. We’ll discuss your goals, your feelings, and any details you would like included in your project.

We also like to view the yard from various rooms in your home—realizing that we often enjoy our gardens from inside as well as outside.

We’ll take a walk around outside making suggestions, taking notes and measurements. From this information we will then put together a proposal for your approval.

We do charge a small fee for this service which is refunded if you contract with us to do the installation.

Are there systems (either private or business) that you have built that we may see to get a feel for your style and quality?
Yes, we have a number of clients who are very proud of their gardens and ponds, that we have helped them create, and would be glad to have you stop by for a visit. Just ask for our list of satisfied clients.

If it would work out better for us, would you be able to provide the maintenance of our pond or water garden?
Although we’ve found that most clients really enjoy tending to their new gardens and ponds (and they find the process very therapeutic) we do offer excellent pond maintenance services.


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