Our Philosophy

Our Mission:
To exceed our customers' expectations in the design and installation of beautiful, unique, and earth friendly gardens and landscaping.

Our Philosophy:

To please each customer, we endeavor to install the most creative and environmentally friendly garden designs and landscape projects possible. At the same time, we try to restore and enhance the beauty of the earth for the benefit of all earth’s inhabitants.

More then just creating gardens and restoring Eco-systems, we also want to create gardeners. Mahatma Gandhi said “ To forget how to dig in the earth and to tend the land is to forget ourselves.” We want to help people remember themselves by creating a garden with them, and for them.

One definition of paradise is garden or park. Therefore a gardener could be said to be a caretaker of paradise. This care-taking is all the more important in these uncertain times.

The future of this earth depends on the loving care given to it by people who respect it and seek to understand it. However, in our quest to nurture the earth we must remember to also care for each other and ourselves. To the extent we can contribute to this process, we are grateful.

We invite you to contact us today and we will be glad to evaluate your project and do a quality landscape design. It’s installation will be guaranteed to satisfy your artistic desire. It will also provide you, family, friends and the wild life around you, with a much needed sanctuary from an increasingly chaotic world. 


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