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Can a Boulder make a Gate?
Cut Stone: Unique, Beautiful, Timeless

The precise cutting of stone is not new. For centuries Stone has been cut to exact measurements for buildings, sculpture, and monuments.

Today, technology has made cut stone available to almost everyone. While prices have come down on the actual cutting, the mining and transportation costs of cut stone still remain high.

One particular issue with using mined stone concerns us at WoodSpirit Gardens. That is the mining process itself. All too often mountains, hills, and even prairies are torn apart to acquire the stone, causing severe environmental damage.

Our alternative is to use boulders for cutting stone to our specifications.  Since the boulders have been pushed up to the ground’s surface by frost or left by glaciers in millenniums past, they can be easily harvested with minimal environmental impact. Since the boulders are often an impediment to farming or construction, their removal is often a necessity.

Cutting boulders is more difficult due to there exposure to the elements, yet it is worth the effort. Each is as different as we are, reflecting its own composition and history. Each has its own story to tell. This guarantees that whatever you have made from our cut stone; paths, walls, gates, etc., it will be totally different and never duplicated.

In addition to its distinctiveness, a cut boulder will also stand the test of time, becoming ever more beautiful as the years go by. Cut stone requires no maintenance and will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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