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Historic Stone - Old Becomes New Again

WoodSpirit Gardens is always looking to ‘push the envelope’ when it comes to finding new and distinctive landscape designs for your home.  Recently a search began to discover unique ideas in stone pathways. It was a search that would lead WoodSpirit Garden’s owner, Daniel Dix, back to the days he lived in Europe.  While there, he had become fascinated with the hand carved stone that adorned not only buildings, but also roads and walkways. Unknown to Dan, he was about to take a journey into his past in more ways than one.

It was during a chance meeting with a fire fighter who also has a passion for antique stone, that Dan made an exciting discovery. He learned the fire fighters passion, and all it entailed, had led him to open the 'Historic Stone Company'.  His company had been buying and selling quality salvaged marble, granite, cobblestone, building materials, and virtually every other type of historical salvage for many years.

Dan learned about a recent salvage of granite cobblestones that had once covered the streets of Minneapolis and St Paul. It was on those very streets that he had walked in his youth, and the same streets that his grandfather had traveled in a horse drawn wagon filled with produce years before him.  Dan quickly realized that this chance meeting would literally bring a piece of his past to his doorstep. His interest was peaked, to say the least.

The Historic Stone Company would prove to be a treasure chest of stones and unique landscape materials rescued from streets and buildings throughout Minnesota. On his first visit to 'Historic Stones', Daniel could hardly contain his excitement.  He found archways recovered from the University of Minnesota, sheets of white marble retrieved from the St. Paul Central Library, and the find that would soon benefit him and his customers, granite cobblestones and clay pavers.

Since that first visit, Dan and his landscaping crew have installed several pathways (see pictures above) using these historic stones. Not wanting to miss out on this great find, Dan had a pathway created for himself here at WoodSpirit Gardens. A rave rose colored sandstone, salvaged from a courthouse built in the 1800's, become the backrest  for a bench he built into a garden wall located in one of WoodSpirit’s display gardens.

If you would like to see a variety of Historic Stone that could be used in your landscaping project, visit our supplier’s website at: www.HistoricStone.com
Why not come visit us and walk on the cobblestones streets of Minneapolis.  Take a moment to listen to the stories they have to tell. Better yet, bring a part of Minnesota’s rich history to your home by having WoodSpirit Gardens install a pathway created from stones carved in an era long past. Call  us today.

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