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WoodSpirit Gardens leads Crosslake Community effort

Pine and Lakes - September 2, 2009
By Katie Anderson, Staff Writer 
Daniel Dix, owner of WoodSpirit Gardens in Backus, helped lead the efforts of the Crosslake Community Centers water feature.
Crosslake Community Center now has a waterfall feature. 

The water feature is located outside the library, and is only accessible through the library or by going all the way around the building. 

"We wanted to separate the water feature, gardens and patio from the street and parking lot with the waterfall. We wanted to create ambiance for people reading or classes being held," said Jon Henke, park and recreation director. 

Daniel Dix, owner of WoodSpirit Gardens in Backus, and his crew led the effort.  It was actually Dix who approached the community center with the idea to put in a water feature.  
"He had the vision, and then shared it with the rest of us," said Alden Hardwick, a member of the Park and Library (PAL) Foundation in Crosslake.

Many of the volunteers for the build came from the Crosslake Area Garden Club. Sande O'Connell, club vice president, said working on the project with Dix and his team was a great learning experience. 

The Crosslake Area Garden Club will also help later by planting various plants and helping make the water feature an educational garden. 

"The ponds are built to simulate a natural wetland, and by planting those types of plants it actually helps filter the water. We want to show people how valuable and beautiful these natural wetlands can be," Dix said. 

Deer resistant plants will be planted at the garden along with trees. After the site is complete, organizers said it will be a natural place to train and educate people about gardens, plants and wetlands. 

Over the past week, Hardwick estimated that around 18 to 20 community members volunteered their time and sweat. Other members of the community got involved by donating rocks to the effort.

The water feature was paid for by the PAL Foundation and is free for the public to enjoy.

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